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Practice Philosophy

Your average visit features extraordinary care

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How We Deliver Care

  • We care for our patients and about our patients.
  • We understand that no greater responsibility can fall to a human being than to become a physician- we take that responsibility seriously.
  • We believe that the care of patients requires as much human understanding as technical skill and scientific knowledge.
  • We approach the care of our patients with humility and with wisdom to provide a unique service.
  • We realize our patients are always hopeful and sometimes fearful in seeking relief. We deliver care with the tact, sympathy and understanding expected of the physician to provide the relief and reassurance our patients richly deserve.


(610) 838-7942

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Feet First Podiatry is dedicated to:


Creating Understanding

Patients need to be listened to, informed, respected and involved in their care.  Every attempt is made to understand and honor their wishes while managing a successful healthcare journey for them.

Forming Personal Relationships

Patients are grandparents, mothers, fathers and other loved ones.  All are unique living beings.  Knowing a patient and their emotional needs is as important as understanding their medical needs.

Communication and Empathy

Patients are hopeful and  sometimes fearful in seeking  relief. We deliver care with the tact and sympathy expected to provide the relief and reassurance our patients deserve.

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